SLOW DOWN (USPORI) is a page dedicated to road safety and traffic culture in Montenegro. The page is designed in order to inform and educate the Montenegrin citizens about Road Safety issues, inform citizens and institutions about ALPHA Centre’s work and to provide opportunity for visitors to contribute to the promotion of traffic culture in general in Montenegro through comments and suggestions.

The Road Safety program is one of the four programs implemented by ALFA Centre, conducted since 2006. Within this program various activities are implemented in order to raise the level of traffic culture, such as the education of students in primary schools and the implementation of various campaigns, such us: “SLOW DOWN”, “Safe step” and “Let it ring,” The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of accidents on the Montenegrin roads!

Traffic culture as part of general human culture is acquired in the period from early childhood to old age. In modern times, the trend of rapid life dictates the necessity of everyday participation in traffic in various roles as pedestrians or motorists. To be civilized and polite in traffic means to act in accordance with traffic rules and regulations, with mutual respect and consideration for other traffic participants, with special attention to the most vulnerable participants like: children, persons with disabilities, old persons and cyclists. All mentioned above implies the general conclusion that traffic culture represents reflection of the living in particular area.

LOW LEVEL OF TRAFFIC CULTURE PRODUCES THE HIGH NUMBER OF DEAD AND INJURED PEOPLE IN TRAFFIC! Therefore, we all must respect traffic rules and regulations in Montenegro in order to create safe and secure surrounding for Montenegrin citizens!