Let it ring

Let it ring

The campaign „Let it ring“ is a campaign implemented by ALPHA Centre in order to warn citizens about danger of using cell phones during the driving. This campaign was the first one in Montenegro. The campaign “Let it ring” includes enhanced media appearances, intense social media activity, billboards on regional roads with clear message “Let it ring” and very frequent and acute monitoring of traffic police on the Montenegrin roads.

Using phone while driving is almost a daily occurrence on the Montenegrin roads, which grew into a very dangerous habit that needs to be changed as soon as possible. By campaign “Let it ring,” we want to warn citizens about danger of using cell phones during the  driving, but also to call upon the society and institutions to take action and establish a quality work and cooperation in order to prevent traffic accidents caused by the usage of mobile phone during driving.

According the Road Safety Law of the Montenegro, driver is not allowed to use a telephone device, as well as audio and video devices, in manner which distracts his attention during the driving.

Partners in implementation of campaign are: Police of Montenegro, Agency „Mediatag“, „Monteput“ company, and media partners: „Prva“ TV, TV „Corona“, TV „777“, RTV „Niksic“, „RTCG“, „TV Vijesti“, radio „Delfin“, radio „DRS“ and radio D and D +.

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