Prijava i rješavanje štete u slučaju saobraćajne nezgode | In case of accident in Montenegro

In case of accident with a vehicle with Montenegrin registration plates

You can submit your indemnity demand to the insurance company where the party responsible for damage is insured against motor liability. You can do it in the headquarters or some branch office of the insurance company which issued the policy.
There are five insurance companies in Montenegro dealing with motor liability insurance. Please refer here for their contacts.
The amount of the damage you have suffered is estimated pursuant to the Roolbooks approved and published in the Official Gazette No. 35/09 dd. 3rd June 2009 by the Insurance Supervision Agency of Montenegro on the proposal of the National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers.

Traffic insurance

In case of accident with a vehicle with foreign registration plates

Pursuant to the Article 38 of the new Law on Compulsory Transportation Insurance (Official Gazette No. 44/12 dd. 9th August 2012) the injured party, who has suffered a damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle with foreign registration plates on the territory of Montenegro, having a valid Green Card, shall submit his/her indemnity demand to either Association – National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers, insurance company or the person authorized by the Association for the activities arising from the international agreement on insurance of the motor vehicle owners against liability for damages caused by the use of motor vehicles in the country or abroad. Association –National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers is recognized as a full member of the Council of Bureaux in Brussels (international organization which coordinates work of members of the Green Card System) starting from 1st February 2012.
Therefore, in case of accident with a vehicle with foreign registration plates you can submit your indemnity demand directly to the Association or some insurance company dealing with motor liability insurance, which will receive your demand or give you instructions how to compensate the damage. According to the governing regulations, the Association shall submit your indemnity demand to an appointed correspondent of the foreign company for further procedure and liquidation, or in case of lack of an appointed correspondent in Montenegro, your indemnity demands hall be submitted to one of Association’s members taking in account a collision of interests.
A prerequisite to indemnify the amount of damage to Montenegro citizens are that a driver who was operating the vehicle with foreign registration plates is responsible for the accident, and a proof of his/her insurance, and a valid Green Card. In order to meet your rights for compensation of damage sooner, you should ask the driver of a vehicle with foreign registration plates to give you a copy of his/her Green Card .If a driver does not have a copy, make sure to write down all necessary information from the identification document and a Green Card as it follows:
1) The entire Green Card number, respective Country (international country code) / Insurer (code) / Number ( Green Card number);
2) Validity period of the Green Card;
3) The name of the Insurer which issued the Green Card;
4) If you are not able to do so, make a copy of the Green Card form of the other participant in the accident or take a picture with your mobile phone.
The above mentioned recommendations will help you compensate your claims shortly and more efficiently.
In case a vehicle with foreign registration plates had a border insurance policy issued by some local insurance company from the territory of Montenegro, the indemnity demand should be submitted to that company.

In case of accident with uninsured or unknown motor vehicle

The indemnity demand can be submitted to the National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers or some insurance company which will receive the claim and forward it to the National Bureau for further procedure.
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