Cosmos Plant. Cosmos plants prefer a neutral soil with a ph of 6.0 to 8.0, although they will grow in […]

Winter Jasmine Plant. The vigorous pink jasmine (jasminum polyanthum) can become an environmental weed, so enjoy its sweet scent while […]

Ceratophyllum Demersum Plant. Consequently, its abundance has been found to be highly correlated. It may be so abundant in ponds […]

Castor Plant. The castor may be used to make manure and plant stalks as fuel or as thatching material or […]

Azadirachta Plant. Wild edible plants of assam. Container plants generally have less drought tolerance than plants grown in the wild. […]

Winter Flowerings Plant. Toxic to humans, toxic to pets. We've just the thing to bring a welcome. Winterblooming flowers will […]

Ranunculus Bulbs Plant. If you notice the water puddling. Persian buttercups (ranunculus asiaticus) are beloved for their brilliantly colored and […]

Swamp Milkweed Plant. It is an essential plant for a rain garden. Garden soil is more common and can be […]

Oxeye Daisy Plant. The unopened flower buds can be marinated and used like capers. In austria and germany it was […]

Tree Fern Plant. Soft tree ferns are sold as giant cuttings, and can be grown in most climates. Ferns vary […]